Fax broadcasting, fax to email, fax via email, broadcast email,voice broadcasting, SMS text messaging.

BLI Messaging--All In One Platform.

Fax Broadcasting Services

High-volume internet fax & fax to email broadcasting delivers ultimate control and convenience. Feature-rich fax via internet functionality.Instant fax capability. Mutiple documents to multiple fax lists. Ultimate fax reliability and security.

Fax to Email Services

Safe,secure,high-performance fax to email technology.

Broadcast Email services

Safe,secure,high-performance broadcast email, bulk email or mass email technology.

Voice Broadcasting Services

Accessible,high-performance tools that push the limits of voice broadcasting technology.

Bulk SMS Text Messaging Services

Send timely and important information in seconds via SMS text messages.


Get the muti-channel applications which integrated with fax broadcasting,email marketing,voice broadcasting,bulk SMS text messaging,fax to email and fax via email you need and the service you deserve.

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Voice Campaign

Typing an email, shooting off a fax, and forming a memo are all forms of communication that have a firm place in the business world, but today, no form of communication can rival the popularity of the telephone. Many businesses rely on strategically crafted voice campaigns to propel their messages exactly where they want them. Business Link International has been providing customer-based services for many years, and we can help you launch a voice campaign from start to finish.

Bring home successful results from a political campaign, marketing plan or registration for a financial or medical program. These are all examples of how a voice campaign can communicate complex issues or services to the public, in-house associates, or staff members. Let Business Link handle all the details of your next voice project.

Craft a Results-Driven Voice Campaign

Today, with the growing demands placed on communicating information to a wide variety of audiences, Business Link can drive home a resolution to your voice campaign data nightmares. Simply follow the step-by-step guidance from our WebLaunch™™ point of integration services. There, you will use wonderfully robust features to craft a phone campaign that's just right for you.

At our company, service is of the utmost importance, because we know that it keeps our customers happy and coming back. We have been providing our high-tech solutions since 1989, when we launched our first fax campaign. Now, we can proudly say we send out millions of email, fax and voice data messages and surveys for hundreds of clients in the U.S. and abroad, all backed by free, live customer support.

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K-12 Alert Notification System

K-12 Alert Notification System

School Alert Messaging System for
K-12 Schools and Districts.

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Education Software Integration

Education Software Integration

Integrate Multi-Channel Messaging into Student Information Systems (SIS) with BLI’s Cloud-Based Integration Solutions.

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Healthcare Software Integration

Healthcare Software Integration

Cloud-Based Multi-Channel Messaging Solutions for Patient Management Software Providers.

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