Triggered Marketing Campaigns

Automate Follow-Up Trigger Messages via Email, Voice, Fax and SMS

BLI Triggers enable you to automate follow-up communications across any or all 4 messaging channels - email marketing, voice broadcasting, SMS text messaging and fax broadcasting. Use triggers to build multi stage campaigns with messages triggered by a recipients actions or lack thereof. Triggers allow marketers to plan and automate sophisticated ongoing marketing campaigns freeing up time spent performing tedious campaign operations. Detailed reporting including link tracking and details of visitors online behavior (pages viewed, time spent per page, etc) enables you to make modifications to the communication flows based upon analysis of results.

Triggers are associated with responses or 'actions' spawned from an initial contact. For example, an action could be clicking a link in an email. That action then triggers the next phase of the campaign which could, for example, could be receiving a pre-recorded phone call thanking me for visiting the site and perhaps giving me an offer code or other reason to come back to the site.

The BLI Messaging Web Launch platform is the only messaging service that can facilitate trigger-based campaigns across multiple messaging channels: email, voice, fax and SMS. So an email can trigger an SMS or voice call. A voice call can trigger a fax. The combinations and applications are endless. BLI Triggers empower you to plan your entire campaign in advance and let it run, uninterrupted, with complete real-time statistics available online 24/7.

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