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Our clients have told us that our WebLaunch™ platform is the best self service platform available. It is not only easy to use, but offers more features at your finger tips than you'll find anywhere else. With WebLaunch™ you can create all your messaging campaigns across multiple messaging channels (Email/Voice/Fax/SMS). It’s even easy to build dynamic content and trigger a follow-up message based on an action from a previous one. You can elect to 'drip' out your messaging over a defined period of time for follow up by in-house sales or blast to the entire list at once. Segmentation makes targeting based upon data points easy too.

Have all the latest messaging technology at your finger tips at a cost way less than you would expect. For technical support you can call us 24/7 or just use email. Our customer service department can help you learn more about the system, answer any questions and get you up and running in minutes.

We will give you a tailored, live demo to specifically address the needs of your specialized company.

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The WebLaunch™ self service platform includes:
  • User-friendly interfaceEasy to use editors and other upload tools; intuitive step-by-step guide to launch campaigns. Secure web-based administration that's accessible with only a user ID and password. Set-up a campaign in just minutes!
  • Review and ProofingOnline review routing manages the proofing cycle..
  • Personalization toolsLeverage recipient and demographic data into the body of the message; subject and sender..
  • Powerful Dynamic Content EngineAllows sending of specific content to specific recipients based on demographic data.
  • TriggersTriggers enable automatic sending of follow-up messages, based on actions of a recipient (i.e. recipient clicks on a specific link in an email, he receives a follow-up voice call 1 day later).
  • Campaign segmentation toolsDedup, filter and search capabilities to allow you to segment your campaigns to targeted recipients.
  • Automatic Re-SendsManage failed message delivery with automated follow-ups.
  • Schedule managementPrioritize campaigns by the day, week, or month.
  • List, File and Document ManagementStorage of documents, images, audio files and other formats. Online storage of up-to-date, opted-in lists that are searchable. Ability to merge documents and lists.
  • Detailed reportingProvides data on messages sent, disposition, status, resulting actions and more.
  • Complete campaign managementSet up to manage your entire campaign, implement best practices, analyze reports and improve future campaigns.
  • Compliance BLI works with ISPs to ensure emails are delivered, not blacklisted; tools to assist you in becoming CAN-SPAM compliant; automated opt-out databases and guides to the latest legislation covering voice, fax and SMS communications..
  • Automated opt-in/opt-out databaseAutomate the mundane task of list maintenance.
  • Security & ReliabilityHigh volume redundant fiber network for reliability and security.
  • Live customer supportAnswers your most pertinent and time-sensitive questions; campaign assistance at no charge.
  • FlexibleNo monthly minimums, setup or hidden charges.
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