BLI Profiler - Empowering your customers while gathering actionable data

BLI Profiler enables marketers to capture and manage key data, essential for targeted, relevant campaigns. Use BLI Profiler to fill in the gaps in contact information and / or gather new data points from consumers such as specific product interest, demographic and psychographic data. Easily manage ever-changing customer contact information and preferences by empowering your customers to choose how often, when and via which communication channel (email, voice, SMS or fax) they would like to be contacted.

“Before businesses build marketing campaigns, they must be sure their data is accurate; that’s why we encourage our clients to begin with clean and complete data. When you think about it, customer lists are a company’s most precious asset, and the way they leverage this data says a lot to their customer about how well they understand and can meet their demands.” - Michael Salinger - Director of Technology and Development

Leveraging the same technology behind dynamic landing pages, Profiler connects customers via unique  web links that can allow them to view and update their data online. Data captured is then compared to original files, providing exception reports that keep you abreast of changes. Alerts can even be set up so that system administrators receive notifications when a customer updates his or her profile.

The BLI Profiler interface is easy to learn and easy to use, and makes it equally easy for your customers to self-manage information. BLI Profiler ensures key data remains up to date and that your marketing campaigns are targeted, timely and relevant.

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