BLI bulk SMS text messaging solutions by WebLaunch™ integrated with email, voice and fax offers sms services and boosts your SMS broadcasting marketing ROI.

BLI Landing Pages - Personalized online destinations designed to increase conversions

Landing Pages afford the ability to both display and capture personal information online. Used in tandem with BLI email marketing, the links in the email messages can click through to dynamically populated landing pages. Therefore you can direct a recipient to a webpage that specifically features the product they inquired about; or send them to a form that is pre-populated with their contact info for faster checkout processing or sign-up; even personalize the page with a greeting to make the customer feel special and increase affinity.

Research shows that dynamic landing pages lead to dramatically higher conversion rates. Marketers tend to spend a great deal of time managing lists, creating the right offer, A/B testing headlines, watching open and click-through rates. But the bottom line is whether or not you convert visitors to sales. That’s where the right landing page comes in.

Landing pages continue the digital marketing trend of personalization. Ensure your messaging campaign doesn't become a dead end and control your customer or prospect after they click the link. Having the right landing page can make or break your campaign’s ROI. Don’t die on third base.” Finish the process and harness our expertise in designing the right landing pages.

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BLI Landing Pages
  • Easy set upLanding pages can be set up on your server or hosted on ours. They are surprisingly easy to build and when implemented increase conversions by as much as 400%.
  • Relevant content about your company for visitorsYour customer or prospect clicked on a link in an email you sent or found you through a search engine. Be ready for them with a landing page that talks to the person’s specific interest. Wrap the landing page with your navigation, but make sure you address the points discussed in the email or SEO.
  • Profile your customersOnly have an email address? Not a problem. Use the landing page to capture all contact information, as well as interests and preferences. Here is your chance to find out exactly how customers want you to communicate with them.
  • Dynamic contentUse the information you have on your contacts to populate certain fields on the landing page. Then provide additional fields to capture the rest of your desired information. You can personalize content based upon any data fields you have such as buying history, preferences, contact information, etc.

BLI Landing Pages can be used in Conjunction with the WebLaunch™ suite of Applications or in tandem with an alternate provider.


We offer both self-serve and full service design options for both landing pages and html email templates. Contact us for more details on our full service design offerings.

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Learn more about Landing Pages with a demo or contact us now!

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