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'ePublisher' is a complete suite of software designed specifically for Publishers, that enables the development, storage, scheduling and sending of digital content. ePublisher incorporates the ability to send e-newsletters and surveys/polls with sophisticated dynamic content features that maximize personalized content delivery while minimizing the amount of hands-on work. Real-time reporting shows newsletter open rates, click through rates and survey results.

There are also significant content management features such as the ability to create and store templates and content, the ability to automate scheduling across multiple publications and the ability to pull in data from RSS feeds. The system promotes workflow via alerts for approval, escalation notices and proofing reminders.

ePublisher addresses 3 critical industry challenges:

1. Workflow management – approval routing and scheduling features ensure you never miss sending an edition and that all requisite sign-offs are complete prior to sending.

2. Email deliverability – our robust email engine along with our advanced IP management routines ensure your e-newsletters get where they’re going.

3. Operational Efficiencies – ePublisher unites the content management, ad management and delivery systems so that all staff involved in e-newsletter creation have their own tabs within the software that are intuitively designed for each function.

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