Associations: Grow Membership & Strengthen Relationships

BLI Messaging specializes in helping associations use best practices to build membership, increase incremental revenue, build out attendance at trade shows and more. Implement the BLI Data Profiler and you will have up-to-date contact information, preferences and interests upon which to build relevant, actionable marketing campaigns.

This allows you to deliver your messages via your members’ preferred media - fax broadcasting, email marketing, voice broadcasting, bulk SMS text messages or an integrated blend of two or more channels - using our WebLaunch™ platform, you will send the right information, to the right person, at the right time, exactly the way they want to receive it.

BLI Messaging solutions will also help you maximize your pre and post event marketing and even disseminate messages during events using our specially designed Event Wire product. Capture feedback and opinions using e-Survey and take advantage of our template design services to create professional e-newsletters.

Associations that use BLI applications – email marketing, voice and fax broadcasting, bulk SMS text messages – along with BLI relationship-building products, see measurable growth in:

  1. The reach of their promotions for industry events
  2. New membership and renewal rates
  3. The ability to send relevant communications to members on a regular basis
  4. Member responses to trigger-based notifications and requests
  5. Industry presence, through a professional e-newsletter

Schedule a demo now or contact us and learn how we can partner to help your association thrive!

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