By optimizing fax broadcasting resources and applications, BLI will help you increase broadcast fax effectiveness and maximize your marketing ROI.

BLI Market Surveys: Offer e-surveys online or via the phone using our voice survey tool

Surveys can be used for a variety of objectives: to gather data, poll visitors, capture information and more. BLI Messaging offers both traditional e-surveys, whereby the survey is sent over email or hosted on a webpage, along with IVR based phone surveys, whereby the recipient of an automated call pushes certain keys to indicate their choices from multiple options. BLI market survey solutions enable marketers to easily administer their market surveys, from concept to delivery, in just a few simple steps.

Our e-survey solution both captures recipient responses and also tracks the results of the campaign from one easy interface. It's easy to create an online survey using our tools that allow for various types of question structure, customizable style sheets, plus the ability to store market survey templates and other data collection forms.

BLI survey best practices include the use of multiple messaging channels. Put simply, more channels = more responses. So in addition to using email and voice allow us to also assist you in conducting surveys via fax and SMS text message. For more details please contact us.

BLI Integrated Surveys Features
  • Inclusive platformNo need to use a separate survey provider. With BLI Survey you can launch email, voice, fax or SMS surveys all from the same database list. Easily integrate surveys as an integrated part of your overall marketing campaign.
  • User-friendly interfaceBLI Survey guides you through creating a market survey in an easy step-by-step fashion.
  • In-depth, multi-page capabilitySpread your online survey across multiple pages for easy navigation and response.
  • Customizable with multiple question typesE-survey allows for multiple question types include text, long description, drop-down, radio or checkboxes. Apply your own style sheet to a landing page; store question group templates to be included in multiple market surveys or other data collection forms.
  • Multiple platformsSend out market surveys through fax, SMS, email and voice channels.
  • Detailed reportingOur survey software tracks the results of market surveys - include totals of each response and response by contact.
    Use BLI Survey for:
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Unsubscribe detail
  • Subscription Re-qualifications
  • Subscription Renewals/Sign-ups
  • Event Registration Forms
  • Voting or Polling
  • Newsletter sign-up
  • Helpdesk ticket feedback
  • Any other type of data collection required

Live customer support for assistance and questions.

Inquire about e-surveys, online surveys, voice surveys and surveys by SMS or fax - contact us!

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