BLI Messaging has been reliably delivering hosted messaging solutions including email, voice, SMS and fax to businesses for over 20 years.

BLI Messaging Milestones

  • 2012 BLI Messaging Announces Company Rebranding to Alert Solutions
  • 2011 BLI Launches Power Announcement, a school notification system completely embedded within PowerSchool
  • 2010 BLI Messaging Partners with Pearson, the nation's most widely-used student information system
  • 2010 BLI launches higher education emergency alert system, Campus Announcement
  • 2009 BLI launches WebLaunch™ 9.7
  • 2009 BLI secures funding from New York based private equity group, Catalyst Investors
  • 2006 BLI adds Voice broadcasting and e-Survey capabilities to the WebLaunch™ platform
  • 2006 BLI launches transactional fax capabilities to its WebLaunch™ applications family
  • 2005 BLI experiences double-digit growth over previous years
  • 2003 Business Link International e-messaging business doubles revenues.
  • 2001 Baeder Corporation closes public fax business and doubles revenue through digital messaging services.
  • 1998 Founder David Baeder received US Patent 5706342 “Method and apparatus for Off-Hook Detection.” Ability of fax machines and other devices to attach to public payphones.
  • 1994 Business Link International wins contract to supply Fax network to Ameritech, Bell South, GTE, and PACBell.
  • 1989 Business Link International founded by Dave Baeder.

Hosted Messaging Solutions for Your Business

The WebLaunch™ platform is loaded with features and applications designed to attract prospects and engage customers to take their relationship with you to a deeper level. You will update and expand your database with vital information about your contacts more easily than you ever thought possible using our easy-to-use list management tools. Using a combination of email marketing, automated voice calling, fax broadcasting and SMS text messaging you can empower your customers to choose the how they receive the messages they want. Plus with our triggered messaging feature you can build automated multi-stage campaigns.

About BLI Messaging

“BLI has a strong history of reliably delivering hosted business messaging services. The broad scope of WebLaunch™’s capabilities (fax, email, voice, and SMS broadcast services) is a strong differentiator for the company. The technical architecture of the WebLaunch™ application is solid, and it leverages contemporary approaches to system design and coding. BLI’s WebLaunch™ solution meets all critical market parity requirements and in a few areas it should be considered a market leader.”

John C. Mecke, DevelopmentCorporate

Independent Technical Due Diligence Evaluator contracted by Catalyst Investors


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Founded in 1989 by David Baeder, BLI Messaging has been reliably delivering hosted business messaging solutions to address the communication challenges of a diverse base of clients for more than 20 years.

In the early nineties, BLI Messaging provided fax services to companies like Ameritech, Bell South and PACBell.  As messaging technologies evolved, so did BLI by launching products like mass email marketing services, e-surveys, voice broadcasting, and SMS text messaging.

Today, BLI Messaging excels in the development of integrated cloud-based multi-channel messaging solutions designed specifically for the following industries: financial services, publishing, education, healthcare, software providers and more.

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