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Multi-Channel Messaging Integration

Cloud Messaging Solutions for Multi-Channel Messaging IntegrationBLI Messaging’s back-office cloud messaging solution is ideal for businesses looking to integrate multi-channel messaging into their existing software without having to build it in-house.

The ability to send internal and outbound messages via email, voice, SMS text message, fax and desktop alerts without having to manage any hardware or software is paramount. BLI Messaging's services can be leveraged for both one-to-one transactional messaging including order confirmations and shopping cart abandonments as well as for mass communication broadcasts such as newsletters and marketing campaigns using minimal resources.

Plus, by leveraging BLI's cloud-based hosted messaging solution, you benefit from security and reliability along with interoperability with other web-based systems.

Here are some of the benefits of hosting your multi-channel messaging platform in the cloud:

  • Cost By using BLI’s cloud-based multi-channel messaging solution, you eliminate the need to utilize your resources to build, house and maintain your system yourself, thus saving your business money and time.
  • Secure, Reliable and Disaster Proof

    Using a cloud-based infrastructure, there is no need to worry about data storage or your messaging services going down.
  • Flexible and Versatile

    Fulfill dynamic requests from multiple departments with the most flexible solution available.
    Interoperability with other SaaS based systems and services.
  • Agility

    Messaging in the cloud improves the user’ s ability to rapidly and inexpensively re-provision technological infrastructure resources.
  • Minimal Maintenance

    Cloud-based messaging applications are easier to maintain, since they do not have to be installed on each user’s computers and are easier to support.

For more information on our cloud-based multi-messaging platform, contact us today or click here and schedule a demo.

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