Campus Announcement Emergency Notification System

Emergency Notification System for Colleges and Universities

Campus Announcement is an emergency notification system that enables students, parents, and members of the faculty and professional staff to receive emergency updates and campus alerts via SMS text message, voice broadcasts, email messaging and desktop alerts. This sophisticated technology is part of Campus Announcement's strategy to enhance emergency campus communications and ensure every individual receives the same campus alert quickly and effortlessly during an emergency. Our goal is to increase safety on colleges and university campuses across the country. It is your personal connection to real-time updates, instructions on where to go, what to do, what not to do, and other pertinent information.

The Campus Announcement emergency notification system recognizes the importance of communicating quickly and effectively during an emergency situation. That is why our robust, user friendly platform enables you to utilize several information delivery methods to reach your students. Enjoy unlimited emergency campus alert messaging from the Campus Announcement emergency notification system across these four communication channels:

SMS Text Message

SMS Text MessagingThe widespread prevalence of cellular phones offers a means of communicating promptly and effectively to the campus community. Studies reveal that 98% of college students own a cell phone, and more than 90% of students utilize SMS text messaging which further demonstrates why it is an ideal method to alert your students, parents and professional staff of any urgent information. Even if only one student in a classroom receives an SMS text message alert, that individual can notify an entire classroom of the situation.

Voice Calls

Voice CallsSend thousands of voice messages to all contacts on your telephone distribution list instantaneously.  Campus Announcement's emergency notification system can record voice messages using our toll-free number and following the automated prompts.  Also, you can utilize our text-to-speech application within our online platform and our voice engine will generate speech based on the text provided.

Campus Announcement also enables you upload WAV audio files via the online platform.  Not only can you send emergency campus alert notifications upon completion but you can schedule announcements for future broadcasts by simply choosing the appropriate date and time.  Our voice messaging functionality supports both human pickup and answering machines. 

Email Alerts

Email AlertsOur user-friendly online platform will enable your professional staff to create and send email messages in both HTML and text formats.  To avoid error-prone messages, as a sender you have the unique ability to sample your proof prior to launching a message.  You can even create and store email templates within the system for future use for those time-intensive emergencies.  The user also has the means to download reports so you can track the amount of recipients that open your message, how many individuals clicked through your e-mail, how many of those e-mails weren’t received successfully and much more.

Desktop Alerts

Desktop AlertsCampus Announcement offers an exciting and innovative feature called Desktop Alert. It’s an electronic alert message sent to every computer on your campus' local network, where information is sent to an application that displays its content directly on the user’s computer desktop. It compliments Campus Announcement's SMS text messaging, voice broadcasts, and email messaging features, however fills an important gap in many colleges and university emergency notification strategies by reaching groups in classrooms, lecture halls and other captive spaces where cell phone usage is often not permitted. This sophisticated technology is the key ingredient to Campus Announcements emergency preparedness.

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