Fax broadcasting, fax to email, fax via email, broadcast email,voice broadcasting, SMS text messaging.

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Fax Broadcasting Services

High-volume internet fax & fax to email broadcasting delivers ultimate control and convenience. Feature-rich fax via internet functionality.Instant fax capability. Mutiple documents to multiple fax lists. Ultimate fax reliability and security.

Fax to Email Services

Safe,secure,high-performance fax to email technology.

Broadcast Email services

Safe,secure,high-performance broadcast email, bulk email or mass email technology.

Voice Broadcasting Services

Accessible,high-performance tools that push the limits of voice broadcasting technology.

Bulk SMS Text Messaging Services

Send timely and important information in seconds via SMS text messages.


Get the muti-channel applications which integrated with fax broadcasting,email marketing,voice broadcasting,bulk SMS text messaging,fax to email and fax via email you need and the service you deserve.

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Bulk Email Marketing

A primary goal of any business is to reach as many customers as possible in an effective and professional way--for the least investment possible. This is exactly why mortgage industries, event management firms, and travel planners can all benefit from the use of our bulk email marketing services at Business Link International. With lightening-fast speed and spot-on accuracy, our bulk email marketing blasts can skyrocket your business's exposure, image, and brand.

We've created the most efficient way to create and deliver high-quality emails to your most valued current or potential clients. Using WebLaunch™, our internet-based interface, you can easily develop and administer your bulk email marketing campaign(s) with the click of a mouse button. We take all the guesswork out of internet marketing by providing you with the tools you need to prepare your CSV data files, to incorporate your logo package into bulk email messages, and to customize your HTML layout to make your email marketing campaign more personal.

The Versatility of Bulk Email Marketing

The true benefit of our bulk email marketing is the versatility of the service. You can add your own style and look to each campaign. This gives you ultimate control over the end product and the direct impact you have on customers.

You can also blend your email designs to fit seamlessly with supplementary direct mail pieces or other complementary campaign marketing efforts. For an all-around approach, all you have to do is upload your graphics and specify the layout. We'll do the rest.

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K-12 Alert Notification System

K-12 Alert Notification System

School Alert Messaging System for
K-12 Schools and Districts.

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Education Software Integration

Education Software Integration

Integrate Multi-Channel Messaging into Student Information Systems (SIS) with BLI’s Cloud-Based Integration Solutions.

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Healthcare Software Integration

Healthcare Software Integration

Cloud-Based Multi-Channel Messaging Solutions for Patient Management Software Providers.

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