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BLI Messaging Launches Campus Announcement Emergency Alert System Campus Announcement provides colleges and universities multi‐channel emergency messaging capabilities.

Providence, RI - Campus Announcement, a division of BLI Messaging, today announced the release of Campus Announcement, a web‐based emergency notification system for colleges and universities. This emergency notification system offers school administrators the ability to communicate with students and staff instantly via those communication channels most popular with a mobile campus community including SMS, Email, Voice and BLI’s latest innovation, Desktop Alert.

This robust, user‐friendly emergency notification system enables college and university administrators to utilize several different delivery methods to reach a campus community because, at any given time, one form of communication might be better than another. This comprehensive emergency communication tool enables new levels of incident readiness and real‐time emergency coordination for colleges and universities of all sizes.

Campus Announcement can be used from any location to deploy concise, time sensitive emergency messaging that will help contain rumors, restore and manage campus safety, as well as keep the campus community informed with pertinent information.

David Baeder, President of BLI Messaging, is excited for both colleges and universities to start integrating this system into their emergency notification plan. “For this product, we tried to accommodate the mobility of both students and staff members while taking advantage of the cohesive school computer network by launching the desktop alert feature. This sophisticated desktop alert technology is the key ingredient to Campus Announcement’s success.”

Campus Announcement’s desktop alert feature is its greatest advancement in emergency campus communications. The desktop alert feature launches an electronic emergency message to every computer on the schools local network instantly. Using this communication method in colleges and universities enhances an emergency notification strategy by reaching groups in classrooms, lecture halls, libraries, and other captive spaces where cell phone usage is often not permitted.

With this emergency notification system, campus security at colleges and universities have the power to help increase the level of safety on and surrounding campus, enhance emergency campus communications and keep members of the campus community informed while conveying assurance and authority. More importantly, Campus Announcement allows administrators to leverage four different communication channels that resonate with the campus community, instantly strengthening relationships within students and staff while having a more engaged community.

About Campus Announcement

Campus Announcement is a fully hosted emergency notification system provider for colleges and universities. This web‐based emergency notification system offers school administrators the ability to communicate with students and staff during emergency situations via four messaging channels: email, voice, SMS text message and desktop alert. Campus Announcement is a division of BLI Messaging – providers of voice, email, SMS and fax messaging. BLI Messaging, formerly Business Link International, has been in business since 1989 and has a strong history of reliably delivering hosted business messaging services.

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