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Email Marketing Remains Powerful in a Mobile and Social World
3 Reasons why Email Marketing Continues Have a High Return on Investment

I’m sure you have read about the eventual death of email marketing a time or two. With the emergence of mobile marketing, text messaging and social media, people were not optimistic about email’s longevity.

In reality, email marketing campaigns still have one of the highest ROIs of any other marketing channel. There is a reason.

Using technologies like social media and mobile encourages individuals to spread the message organically – increasing campaign reach and performance.

Below are a few more reasons why email marketing continues to be a powerful tool:

1. Email Marketing Can Now Be Viral
2. Triggered Email Campaigns Improve Relevance and Timeliness
3. Social Media Promotes List Growth

Email Marketing in a Mobile and Social World

For information on BLI Messaging’s innovative email marketing platform with trigger technology, contact BLI Messaging at (800) 929-1643 or download our Email Marketing Platform Overview today!

A Text Messaging Debate: Dedicated Short Code vs. Shared Short Code
Consumers have their phones on them at all times, consistent with the fact that 90% of SMS text messages are read within minutes of delivery – making it one of the best ways to attract the attention of your customers.

But the question still remains, should your business be using a shared short code or a dedicated short code? The pros and cons of both are listed below:

Shared Short Code
Dedicated Short Code

Speedy Time to Market
Relatively Inexpensive

Increased Brand Awareness
Your Own It - Take it Wherever You Go

Sharing Short Codes Can Lead to Brand Confusion

Dedicated Short Codes Are Expensive
Approval Process Can Take Months

To learn about the difference between dedicated and shared short codes for SMS text messaging, click here.

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