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Differentiate Yourself with Multi-Channel Messaging Your Competitive Advantage in a Competitive Market

The fourth quarter is approaching and many of you are already planning initiatives and development work for 2011. The primary focus of the start of every year is to think about what your business can do in the future to differentiate yourself in the marketplace and increase your value proposition to current and potential clients. The better question is: what your business can do today.

BLI Messaging is offering businesses a cloud-based, back-office PaaS solution ideal for any software provider seeking to either add or centralize their messaging communications. BLI Messaging's single-source, turn-key solution affords a cloud messaging platform offering our partners the ability to communicate with recipients via five communication channels: email, voice, fax, SMS text messaging and desktop alerts. And because it's a back-office option, your brand remains front and center.

BLI’s multi-channel messaging API is already being integrated into software in the education and healthcare industry. And with more than 20 years of experience in the messaging space, your business can offer a robust and time-tested messaging plug-in virtually overnight that will not only increase customer retention, but also generate reoccurring incremental revenue for your business instantly.

To learn more about BLI Messaging’s Messaging API, click to watch the “Messaging in the Cloud” video.

B2C Outpacing B2B in Social Measurement
Social media marketing has become mainstream, but the best metrics to determine social success still appear to be up for debate. A large percentage of marketers measure many things including hits, repeat visits, conversions and number of followers or friends.

According to a study conducted by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and the American Marketing Association (AMA), social metric usage varies depending on whether a marketer is focused on selling to businesses or to consumers.

B2C product firms had the highest usage of the top six overall metrics, including sales levels and revenues per customer. However, B2B firms do better at social measurement because they tend to focus more on the bottom-line than on soft metrics.

In the next year, marketers expect to nearly double social dollars from just under 6% of total marketing budget to just under 10%. Within five years, spending will be up to 17.7%.

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The Effectiveness of PPC Objectives
PPC can require a significant investment of both time and money, but the rewards are well worth it when executed effectively. PPC has been rated as a very effective tactic in achieving increased lead generation, website traffic, increase brand recognition and increased online sales revenue for both B2B and B2C organizations.

The improvements PPC has on website traffic will also lead to an increase in offline sales revenue. However, the effectiveness of PPC in improving brand and product reputation is undervalued, with only 19% and 6% of organizations indicating that PPC was an effective tactic in achieving these objectives.

Learn which objectives were rate as the most effective by more than 2,000 search engine marketers and click on the image.
PPC Effectiveness

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