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Why Use Mobile for Your Business? Here’s Four Reasons.
SMS Text Messaging Campaigns Generate Leads, Improve Conversions and Increase Revenue

According to eMarketer, there will be close to more than 84 million smartphone users by 2012. What is staggering about this statistic is that all smartphones are "text messaging" enabled.

That means almost 84 million people will have the ability to receive text messages in the United States this year alone. BLI Messaging is a leading provider of on-demand, SMS text messaging solutions for businesses.

SMS Text Messaging for Mobile Marketing Strategies

Using SMS text messaging to stay in contact with clients and prospects allows businesses to take advantage of the convenience and popularity of this technology.

Here are four more reasons:

1. Relevance
2. Accessibility
3. Strong Call-to-Action
4. Funnel Traffic
And as the cost of SMS continues to fall, more consumers are open to receiving value-added mobile interactions.

For more information on making the best of your mobile marketing campaigns, contact BLI Messaging at (800) 929-1643 or download BLI’s Guide to SMS Text Messaging today.

Increase Email Marketing Campaign Personalization beyond the Greeting
Personalization is absolutely essential to engaging your recipients and maximizing the performance of your email marketing campaigns. But what does it mean to be “personal”.

Employ the following techniques to increase your level of personalization for your email marketing campaigns:

List Segmentation
Extrapolate several details and characteristics about your recipients in order to send more targeted content.

Trigger campaigns are an excellent example of a personalization technique that will also generate more revenue.

Content-targeting allows you to send emails containing only the information that the recipient has specified.

For more personalization segmentation tips and tricks, download BLI’s Personalization Best Practice Kit today!

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