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Choosing the Best Voice Campaign Style for Your Business
4 Things to Consider When Choosing Text to Speech Translation or a Live Voice Recording

Automated voice broadcasting campaigns are known to be a very reliable way of notifying, surveying or informing a target audience.

But voice broadcasters commonly have two options available: text-to-speech translation or recorded audio distribution.

Voice Broadcasting Campaigns

BLI Messaging’s voice platform makes it easy to personalize messages using human sounding text-to-speech technology or a live recording of your own voice.

Which is best for your next voice broadcasting campaign? Here are some considerations:

1. What is Your Message About?
2. What’s the Intended Level of Personalization?
3. Is Your Audience Familiar With Your Voice?
4. Do You Need Multi-Language Translation Capabilities?
To learn more about how our voice broadcasting platform can accommodate the growing needs of your business, contact BLI Messaging at (800) 929-1643 or download our Voice Broadcasting Worksheet today.

Transform Your Email Newsletter into a ‘Must-Read’ Publication
Sending a timely, anticipated and valuable email marketing newsletter allows you to build trust and affinity amongst your audience, but it can take time.

In order to be a ‘must-read’ publication, your email newsletter should be highly anticipated. Increase the value of your email newsletter by considering the following tips and tricks.

Plenty of PlanningSome businesses underestimate the depth an email newsletter can take on. Ideally, it should be a whole-hearted effort.

Carefully Consider the ContentRelationship-building content such as frequently asked questions, common problems and tips/tricks add value to your email newsletter in the form of customer appreciation.

How Often Should You Send? Company newsletters are thought to be monthly or quarterly, but organizations should find a frequency that works for them!

For more best practice tips and tricks, download our Guide to Email Newsletter Optimization today!

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