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Maximize Your Lead Gen Strategy with Multi-Channel Messaging
Deploying Multi-Channel Campaigns Increases the Likelihood You’ll Engage Each Lead Effectively

Let’s face it, your prospects are a dynamic bunch. A multi-channel approach will help maximize your lead generation potential.

Our WebLaunch™ application is a multi-channel messaging solution combining email, voice, fax and SMS - empowering your audience to choose how they’d like to be contacted.

Multi-Channel Messaging

Below are a few key tips to deploying a successful multi-channel campaign:

- Know Communication Preferences
- Track Response Rates for Better Focus
- Use Triggers for Easy Follow Up
To learn more multi-channel messaging tips and tricks, contact BLI Messaging at (800) 929-1643 or download our Multi-Channel Best Practice Kit today.

Take Your Email Marketing Campaign Personalization to the Next Level
All businesses know the benefits of email marketing personalization, but to what extent are your current tactics actually making a difference?

Here are four personalization techniques that will take your email marketing campaigns to the next level:

1. Does the recipient know who the email marketing campaign is from?
2. Reference the business relationship.
3. Tailor web forms and don’t underestimate trigger campaigns.
4. Maintain advanced list segmentation.

For more email marketing best practice tips and tricks, download our Guide to Personalization and Segmentation today!

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