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Improve Sender Reputation and Optimize Deliverability
BLI Messaging Offers 5 Tactics to Maximize Email Deliverability Now

With inbox competition higher than ever, ensuring your email marketing campaigns are delivered to your prospective recipient’s inboxes has become an increasingly tough task.

BLI Messaging is focused on helping businesses optimize deliverability and improve email ROI. Email deliverability is in fact one of the most important factors in determining your email ROI.

Improve Email Deliverability with BLI Messaging Deliverability Solutions

Here are a few email deliverability tactics you should use to reserve your spot in the inbox:

1. Confirm Permission
2. Ask for Primary Email Address
3. List Maintenance
4. CAN-SPAM Compliance
5. Relationships & Whitelisting

BLI’s strong relations with ISPs ensure your email campaigns comply with the latest CAN SPAM legislation and reach their destination efficiently.

To learn more BLI's email deliverability services, download our Email Deliverability Solutions worksheet or contact BLI Messaging at (800) 929-1643 today.

Integrate Email Marketing and Social Media for Better Results
In 2011, businesses learned that implementing a social media plan was crucial in staying ahead of the competition, remaining relevant and connecting with a community that is becoming more mobile by the minute.

But while some scramble to revitalize their plans for the New Year, research suggests closely integrating social media with email marketing will return the best results.

Here are four tactics to integrating social media within your email marketing campaigns:

1. Email Marketing Drives Traffic – Social Media Magnifies
2. Social Media Helps Fill the Void
3. Integrating Email and Social Media Increases Conversions and Brand Loyalty
4. Personalize on a Whole New Level

By integrating your email marketing and social media strategies, businesses can allow each channel to build success off of the other. Remember, email marketing campaigns and social media are anything but adversarial.

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