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Create New Revenue Streams in 2011
with Cloud Messaging

At the end of the year, there is always an abundance of articles written to motivate people for success in the following year. Whether it’s new expected trends or budget allocations, many get excited to start fresh. Hit the ground running with a partner that can not only keep you competitive in your marketplace, but also create new revenue streams in 2011.

BLI Messaging provides a cloud-based multi-channel messaging solution for software providers seeking to add messaging services to their platform. Our solution affords a cohesive communications backbone allowing software providers to integrate voice, email, fax and SMS messaging to their platform via several flexible APIs.

Integrated messaging into software has several key advantages beyond improving efficiencies for your customers. Increase your revenue per customer and provide a valuable point of difference between your services and that of your competitors.

Benefits of Cloud Messaging

• Reoccurring Incremental Revenue per Customer

• Competitive Advantage with Messaging Features

• Single Source Vendor, Four Messaging Channels

• Technology and Regulatory Compliance Experience

• Speed to Market with a Turn-Key Solution

• White Label Enhances Your Brand Recognition
Cloud Integration

Our turn-key solution provides immediate entry into the messaging market with a mature, yet flexible platform. Plus, by leveraging our cloud-based solution, you benefit from security and reliability along with interoperability with other web-based systems. With integrations for businesses in education, healthcare, financial and publishing, our Cloud API is built to meet the needs of all industries.

To learn more about how you can create a new, recurring revenue stream for your business in the new year, contact us at (800) 929-1642 or email us today!

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BLI Messaging

Brands Turn to Triggered Emails to
Build Loyalty and Drive Customer Engagement

Brands turn to behavioral triggered e-mails not only to build loyalty, but also to boost ROI and streamline marketing tasks.

These types of e-mails can deploy automatically after a customer has abandoned a shopping cart, to inform loyalty members of status, to request a review after a purchase or simply send a “Happy Birthday” note to a loyal customer.

The goal of triggered emails is to create more relevant messages – a plan low in terms of volume but high in terms of ROI, because they are typically one-to-one messages. Studies show that more than 83% of companies have already or plan to implement some form of trigger campaigns.

For more information how you can utilize BLI Messaging’s cloud-based messaging integration to drive customer engagement through trigger campaigns, click here.


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