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The Benefits of Using an API for Messaging Integration


BLI Messaging is now offering businesses a cloud-based, back-office messaging solution for all software providers looking to add or centralize their messaging communications. This multi-channel messaging integration solution allows for messages to be sent directly from the software via multichannel messaging including email, voice, SMS, fax and desktop alert.

BLI’s messaging services can be leveraged for both transactional messaging and mass communication broadcasts. This turn-key solution can be done through one of five different APIs including iFrame, List Syncing and Portal-Based Integration.

The benefits of using an API to integrate multi-channel messaging into a software platform are endless.

- Single Source Solution
- Faster ROI Than Building In-House
- Unmatched Speed to Market
- Guaranteed Increased Revenue
- Brand Remains Front and Center

Take advantage of these benefits and extend your competitive advantage with API messaging integration.

Download BLI Messaging’s API User Guide and learn more about our APIs today.

Email Dominates Mobile Web Time

According to Nielsen, Internet users spent more time on social networking sites and blogs than doing any other activity in June 2010. On the mobile internet, however, more traditional activities still reign. Email dominates the mobile picture even more strongly than social networking did on desktop internet browsers.

If all time when condensed into a single house, US mobile internet users would have spent 25 minutes in June checking email. Mobile users showed only 6 minutes on social networking sites. However, it is anticipated that social media usage via mobile devices will continue to make gains. Studies show that between 2009 and 2010, social media was the fasted growing mobile internet activity rising nearly 80%.

For marketers, combining the use of email marketing and social media seems to get the biggest bang for their buck – connecting with a community that is becoming more mobile by the minute.

Check out last month’s BLI Messaging Newsletter for more information on this fast growing marketing strategy.

Getting Started in Mobile Marketing: Four Insights to Guide Your Strategy

As smart phones and mobile web browsing is gaining popularity, mobile marketing is becoming more attractive. For example, 32% of all mobile subscribes use a web browser on their mobile devices – up from 26% from just six months earlier!

As technology always increases in power and decreases in price over time, many marketers will soon be exploring this channel for the first time. Before launching your first mobile marketing tests, here are a few insights before you get started:

1. Start with a Mobile Web Presence
Even if a marketer is sending an SMS text message, these messages should have a link to a page where the user can learn more.

2. Consider All Mobile Options

Mobile networks and devices provide a range of ways to reach an audience: text, voice and email

3. Mobile Does Not Stand Alone
Mobile promotions should also be integrated with other channels

4. Mobile Requires a Well-Planned Strategy

Mobile marketing initiatives should be carefully planned including usage cases for your audience, media buying and budget

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