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Email Deliverability and Engagement Impacted by Relevancy
Improve Audience Engagement and Email Deliverability with Relevant Content and Segmentation

Email open and click-through rates represents your audience engagement. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) also look to these metrics as a test of email deliverability.

When an ISP notices poor performance, they ask the question: Is this email marketing campaign valuable to the recipient? If not, should we allow them to enter the inbox?

1. Improve Deliverability with List Segmentation Strategies

Clients vs. Prospects - This will help you avoid having a customer receive an email as if he or she were a prospect.

Behavioral Data - Subscribers who open your emails all the time can be tested with receiving emails more often.

2. Improving Engagement with Relevant Content

Your email content has to be relevant to or your audience won’t open. The more relevant your content, the better your metrics will be:

- Improved Deliverability
- Increased ROI
- Reduced Opt-Outs

Improve Audience Engagment with List Segmentation Strategies and Relevant Content

For more information, contact BLI Messaging at (800) 929-1643 or download our Best Practice Guide to Improved Audience Engagement today!

Develop an Effective Email Survey from the Ground Up
Does your organization utilize email surveys? If so, you know they are invaluable to gaining feedback directly from the clients and prospects you rely on most.

Once the purpose of your email survey has been clearly identified, begin brainstorming which questions to ask. In doing so, we’ve found the following tips helpful in collecting the most responses:

1. Don’t Ask Too Much
Be mindful of your email survey’s length, short and succinct surveys typically receive the most responses.

2. Keep it Consistent
Focus around one or similar topics, as irrelevant questions could confuse the recipient or discourage them from responding altogether.

3. Reduce Open-Ended Questions
Email survey administrators have found that too many open-ended questions decrease response rates because they require more effort to respond to.

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