By optimizing fax broadcasting resources and applications, BLI will help you increase broadcast fax effectiveness and maximize your marketing ROI.

MIRS (Marketing Intelligence Response System) - Campaign Management

BLI Messaging developed the Marketing Intelligence Response System (MIRS) in response to requests from clients that wanted to integrate resulting data with the ability to automate follow-up campaigns and maximize returns while minimizing resource use. MIRS can be used with the WebLaunch suite of applications or contact us about integration with an alternate messaging provider.

The sophisticated campaign management technology that is the foundation of MIRS makes it easier than ever for companies to communicate with customers and prospects. The Marketing Intelligence Response System has the ability to capture all points of contact and weight each action accordingly, giving you a 3-D, 360 degree view of prospects and customers.

The MIRS campaign management system enables you to create targeted campaigns, trigger very specific messages, and seamlessly navigate multi-step, multichannel communications including email, telesales, web landing pages, automated voice calls and SMS text messaging. Capture how/when/where/why your prospects want to be contacted, which both increases the consumer affinity with your brand while minimizing wastage of your marketing budget. In addition, MIRS clients are able to securely store their data in one location, ensuring cohesive messaging to customers and prospects.

For a demo of MIRS click here or contact us to find out more.

BLI MIRS Features
  • Integrated platformFeature-rich messaging solutions that use multiple types of messaging channels for multi-stage automated campaign execution all manageable from a single dashboard.
  • Easy set upMIRS can be set up on your server or hosted on ours. It is surprisingly easy to implement without volumes of training. This is not a system where you end up using only 5% of the horsepower because no one has the time to learn!
  • Transform leads into customers Track all your leads based upon point value, with each lead scored across a series of parameters you specify – afford optimal lead management and allowing your salespeople to focus efforts on the most qualified prospects.
  • Landing pagesLanding page information is easily populated with prospect/customer data and profiles updated for higher conversions. We can integrate with your landing pages or host them through the BLI secure network.
  • Communications based on rulesYou set up the rules for “action” and “reaction.”  You set up the scoring. Is a request for a demo better than a web inquiry for literature? You decide. Point values can trigger additional follow-up messaging. This is marketing automation at new heights.
    WebLaunch Gives You Options, Ease and More:
  • Seamless Integration Multi-stage campaigns featuring Email, Voice, Fax, SMS, Integrated Surveys and Customizable Landing Pages.
  • Immediate, Detailed Reporting BLI’s robust capabilities include tracking messages in granular detail so you can measure campaign success in real-time.
  • Advanced Messaging Personalization All BLI Messaging solutions boast extensive personalization and segmentation capabilities.
  • Content Storage Manage documents, HTML emails, images, recordings, SMS text messages, and IVR through secure content libraries.
  • List Management Searchable, opted-in lists at your fingertips and launch campaigns from one or multiple lists.
  • Live customer support Our support staff is available 24/7 to answer your questions and provide assistance.

For a demo of MIRS click here or contact us to find out more.

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