By optimizing fax broadcasting resources and applications, BLI will help you increase broadcast fax effectiveness and maximize your marketing ROI.

Measure Beyond the Click with Analytics by WebLaunch™

In addition to cross-channel management of email, voice, SMS and fax campaigns, WebLaunch™ now integrates web analytics with email campaign tracking. Track recipient activity beyond the click and, using triggers, automate future messaging based upon site visitor actions and behaviors.


With WebLaunch™ Analytics you’ll gain a simplified view of your website visitation statistics enabling you to quickly denote trends and issues that will help inform your future strategy. WebLaunch™ Analytics allows you to create desired action goals (eg. contact form completion, viewing a demo) and engagement thresholds (eg. time on site, number of pages visited) and track the efficacy of your email campaigns against these key metrics. View complete information on all incoming traffic sources to compare email against other marketing channels.

Our “closed loop” approach combines open and click-through data with “what happened next” data from web analytics to tell the whole story. This enables marketers to fine tune their messaging to visitors, increasingly personalizing the offering based upon accumulated data. Automated triggers alleviate resources required to administer transactional follow-up campaigns making seemingly sophisticated marketing simple.

Furthermore by analyzing each step in the process you can diagnose where your marketing might need tweaking

- Poor open rate = poor subject title or recipient failed to recognize with the originators email address

- Poor click through rate = need a stronger call to action or better qualified recipients to send the message to

- High website bounce rate = your site is not engaging your visitors

- Lack of completed website action goals and low engagement = while you are driving traffic the traffic is not that interested in your offering. Either your site needs an overhaul or you are reaching the wrong audience.


For a demo of Analytics by WebLaunch™, click here or contact us to find out more.

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